Waimea Mountain Pendant

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Inspired by Aloha is proud to present to you our initial release of pendants.

This beautiful pendant was done by hand every step of the way. When we create these we go with a feeling and base our design off of a vision. We see where the wood and resin takes our eyes and showcase the little nuances in each piece to the best of our natural ability.

This piece reminds of us the time we went to the top of the the Waimea Canyon lookout.  With the fog gently covering the canyon you could at times get a glimpse of the beautiful lush mountains.This pendant has some added character notches in the resin on the bottom for effect!

Item comes shipped with insurance via tracking in Canada or the USA! 

*This pendant was created from real wood burl and resin devolved in USA. What this means is that the resin used has to adhere to many strict guidelines and restrictions unlike other resins from around the world.