The Gear Banger Aluminum

The Gear Banger Aluminum

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The Gear Banger knob is an aggressively sized knob. This is for those individuals that what a tall knob with a hefty feel to it.

The knurling around the knob can be made on all 3 sections or your own choice. It is up to you  and when checking out you leave it in the notes. If you don't I will knurl all 3 sections. 

**Engraving and red knob are not included


Estimated Specifications

Height: 4.5 Inches

Width: 2 Inches

Weight: UNKNOWN 



I am not responsible for any damages caused to your car or other property when using or installing this product. Securing the product to your vehicle is 100% the responsibility of the user. Check tightness before and after each use to ensure there are no issues. Items are sold for display and off road purposes.