The Diamond Aluminum

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This “Diamond” shift knob is a beautiful little GEM. This shift knob fits right in your hand and gives you a beautiful feeling when holding it and shifting. With its unique shape it is perfect for those who don’t want a bulky knob but want something that really stands out.

Designed to work with reverse lockouts the fit and finish of this shift knob won’t be overlooked. As it is created I will test and ensure that it will fit as well as possible.

If you are looking for an upscale upgrade to your interior this is the purchase for you. Upgrade that boring shifter with this and feel the difference today.


Estimated Specifications

Height:2.25 Inches

Width: 2 Inches

Weight: 165 grams




I am not responsible for any damages caused to your car or other property when using or installing this product. Securing the product to your vehicle is 100% the responsibility of the user. Check tightness before and after each use to ensure there are no issues. Items are sold for display and off road purposes.