Tester Mud Flaps Plain Black

Tester Mud Flaps Plain Black

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Help me get these tested and ready for market!

Will ship them when I have time. Shipping included in price.

These will retail for $80.00 Canadian or roughly $62 USD shipped with tracking.

Made from NEOPRENE without pre drilled holes. This way you can line them up as you wish.

Simply mark where you want the holes, drill them out and mount them.

Why NEOPRENE well I was looking for the best material that can take all the seasons up here in Canada and handle all the crap we put on the roads all while being sturdy yet malleable for every kind of car, whether they be stock high, lowered or SLAMMED to the pavement.

All you need to do is

1) Put them on your car

2) Use them normally 

3) After a couple months send me pictures and any suggestions/issues you had with them.

4) Understand that they are a PROTOTYPE so if there are problems this is why and it should not reflect me or my companies quality.

Get them at this reduced price and maybe you will luck out with the deal of the century!