Sunglasses and Toque Bundle

Sunglasses and Toque Bundle

A Car Guys Garage

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With the weather slowing turning up here in Canada and with a clever way to bundle a couple items to help make the cost a little more "reasonable" due to shipping costs I present to you my own ACGG Toque and Sun-glass bundle.

Whether you are looking for a way to throw your support my way, want to look as cool as I do, looking for a special gift for someone or just have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, this bundle is priced with little markup. 

These 2 items are in stock and ready to ship. The other cool thing with the proceeds from these types of items is that I put it straight back into improving and growing business.

Oh that's cool Zenon but what do you want to do with the profits? Well I want to by myself a car hauler for car shows that I can deck out for a unique shopping experience. Isn't that cool?

So order yours today and start looking as good as the guy in the description photos!

Thanks for the continued support!!!!


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