Scion tC2 & 2.5 Shifter Beauty Ring

Scion tC2 & 2.5 Shifter Beauty Ring

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Here we have a one of a kind crafted beauty ring for the manual Scion tC2 and 2.5 platforms.

This ring is cut from solid aluminium and has 8 holes precisely drilled in the top and bottom plate which helps attach it to the center console.


This ring replaces the stock plastic one which usually tends to break very easily.

You do aren't required to remove any of the center console at all, just the shift boot, and can be done with a simple allen key (you need one)

Careful when tightening the bolts to not cross thread the bottom plate or damage the powder coat.


Each piece is cut on a high accuracy water jet and I have tested and installed my own with no issues. So please be patient when installing. Failure to do so may damage the piece and that is your responsibility not mine.

 Standard kit comes with top and bottom ring and 8 hex bolts.


Installation Instructions

Installation is simple. Remove stock plastic bezel ring and current shift boot.

Remove the cheap plastic mounting bracket attached to the shift boot.

Place bottom plate in shifter bezel and twist it to secure it to stock clips.

Place shift boot over top and then place top ring on top. 

Use supplied bolts to gently screw them into the bottom plate being careful not to cross thread, it is only aluminum.