Money 5 Resin Block

Money 5 Resin Block

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Here is a resin/wood blank that I have currently available for purchase.

Resin/Wood knobs are totally unique and 100% custom and hand carved.

This particular knob will be roughly 3 inches in height and and about 1.9 inches in diameter or less depending on your chosen shape. If you want it skinnier please let me know in the comments when checking out.

They follow a rigorous 15 step sanding procedure to remove most visible markings from the resin and wood.

They are then polished through a high speed 3 step process and finished with a heavy carnauba wax top coat. This finishes the knob with a bright top coat finish.

I tell all of my customers theses are considered a piece of art first and a shift knob second and they should be treated as such.

If you are looking for something totally unique and 100% custom these are the knobs for you.

If you want a different more unique style email me and we can discuss that!!