Mini Tear Drop Aluminum

Mini Tear Drop Aluminum

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This mini “Tear Drop” knob is the perfect combination of roundness and height for those with smaller hands. Due to its small size this shift knob is perfect if you are an over the top shifter! 

Sometimes bigger isn't always better and it is very prominent with this knob. The lightweight design and just the right taper makes this the perfect "In your hand" knob in its price range.


Estimated Specifications

Height: 2.25 Inches

Width: 1.75 Inches

Weight: 150 grams

Fitment: This will not fit reverse lockouts larger than .850 inches. Designed to fit stock Subaru lockouts 100%



I am not responsible for any damages caused to your car or other property when using or installing this product. Securing the product to your vehicle is 100% the responsibility of the user. Check tightness before and after each use to ensure there are no issues. Items are sold for display and off road purposes.