Light up fender badges

Light up fender badges

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*******UPDATED October 8th 2022 

At ACGG, custom is one of the biggest selling points I strive for when it comes to my products. Having something that YOU the customer can add your own personal touch to is extremely important to me.

I shelved this project for some time but I am now looking to have a few interested parties participate in a crowdfunding type purchase opportunity. 

So, in an attempt to keep ACGG up and running I am looking towards you,  my customers, for a little help and in return have come up with this unique system.

I have since changed the initial prototype requirements and have added 4 options. The price will stay the same but I will require a minimum of 15 purchases now to go ahead with this product. Once I have 15 backers I will email all and start the process. Until then I won't.  I need some interest and well obviously some guaranteed orders. My units are unique and all will need to be individually hand built so time and labour are one of the huge factors in crafting these.

Another huge factor in creating this product is keeping cost down but more importantly coming up with a fair price for the customer. While there are many similar style products out there for other vehicles the pricing on them seem to be expensive and range from $250 USD upwards of $500+ for one single unit. This is just outrageous to me.

I have come up with what I think is a fair but also unique offer to the ones that would like to back me on creating these.

My offer to any backers who purchase:

1) First and foremost you get a huge Thank you from me!

2) With your purchase you will receive 1 (set) prototype unit, once I have a viable, functioning unit. This will take anywhere from 1-3 months to attain all necessary pieces for the project and also for assembly of the units. These badges you will install and give me your own feedback that I will potentially use to create a Final version.

3) After months of testing and feedback I will make necessary adjustments and create the final version. At this pint you will then receive a Final Version set as well. Essentially you get 2 units.

4) Any custom options I have for these units will be available to you on your Final Version at no charge. This will be part of the process. What those options are right now I cannot get into but there will be options, I can assure you of that.

5) You will receive a 25% discount code for use on anything on my site upon completion of this venture

6) You get to support a local business and directly be part of the creation of something unique and awesome.

Estimated time for prototype delivery is 2-3 months. Roughly the same amount of time will be allotted for testing as well as creating the finalized units. While this is a long process this is honestly what goes into creating new products.

If you want to be part of this unique opportunity go ahead and place your order today!

***If by some strange act of God these don't come to fruition after the prototype phase you will receive 25% of your contribution back. The other 75% of the funds will cover the cost of creating the initial prototypes and purchasing of all necessary pieces for them.