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I'm clearing everything out.... And I mean everything, so lots of little things and big things left over. 

If you are a risky purchaser why not go ahead and buy one of my mystery boxes.

While I have a lot of stuff for the Subaru platform I may be able to gear a box towards your needs as well. If I can't I will simply refund you the purchase. Will the box be as good as the others, I'll try but I can't guarantee it for a platform I'm not always selling for. 

There will be over $125 of value in the box I promise that but there could very well be double or triple that as well.

Are you willing to take the risk?

Oh ya shipping is included in the price! 

Want to save $10 on this purchase you can pay through email transfer if you like. Hit me up acarguysgarage@gmail.com and I can set you up!!!!