Copy of ACGG Exclusive 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI Fender Shrouds

Copy of ACGG Exclusive 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI Fender Shrouds

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The end is near for the shutdown of ACGG. While I may be back I will be doing things different if and when I do. 

I am clearing out everything I have and once this stuff is all gone I will look at a new business plan and see what happens in the near future.

I have 5 sets in Wrinkle Black and 1 in Wrinkle Red and they are ready to ship. Inventory is set on this purchase section so if you can't order it means they are all sold.

Get these custom designed fender shrouds for your 2015+ WRX or STI by placing your order today!

These fender shrouds were designed by me and are not only unique, they are unlike anything else on the market today.

With the slightly bent vented fins and unique ACGG logo these will not only add some much needed style to your engine bay they also add some functionality by allowing air to escape the engine bay.

All shrouds are made from 5052 aluminium and powder coated. 

Custom colours are available. HOWEVER you need to email me using the "Get In Touch" form before purchasing. Please don't order a custom colour option without talking to me.




Please read the following

Fitment is very precise. Each vent will be tested on a vehicle before being shipped because I want fitment as best as possible, They sit really tight to the hood struts as I wanted to cover that entire ugly section. This poses a few challenges and I am seeing if I can make any adjustments to give a bit more room for clearance. Clearance hasn't been an issue in testing but quality control is important to me. If I need to adjust to fit behind the hood strut bracket then I will but this is the last resort solution.

Design fitment may be adjusted as I am working on a few minor changes that will probably go unnoticed but I just want to point that out before you consider purchasing.


**Shipping is included

 ***Intended for off road use only. Use at your own discretion