Bag of 10mm Sockets

A Car Guys Garage

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Yes, this is a bag of 10mm sockets.

20pcs 12pt 1/4 drive. 

Perfect gag gift or just a gift to make that car enthusiast in your life feel special and have the comfort of knowing they won't misplace one for the next 10 mins of working on their car.

What happens after the 10 mins is unknown but in those 10 minutes or less they will feel superior and God like knowing they have 20 of these damn things to finish the job right.

I can't compete with Amazon or any other company with prices and shipping so I'll just sell these at what it costs me. 

$36.50 Canadian gets you the bag shipped to your door.

That's it. My gift to you. 

I have enough sockets to do 15 bags so that's all I got!!!!!