Atlas Weighted Group Buy

Atlas Weighted Group Buy

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After a dismal group by attempt for diffusers I bring you the Atlas group buy. 

This group buy is for the month of March. Group buy will stay open till March 31st then it will be closed. 

Shift knobs will not start shipping until March 21st 

I will update this listing with customers who purchase to be honest with all of you. I will refund you the difference if more people purchase at the time of the group buy closing on March 31 or after your knob ships. 

I charge $165+ Canadian for this knob but will be starting the group buy at $145 in a choice of any of my listed colors. 


Here are the details! 

1-4 people $145

5-9 people $140

10-14 people $135

15+ $120

Pricing includes shipping. 



This shift knob might as well be carved out of stone and on the Greek God's Atlas' shoulders. This knob is like having the entire world in the palm of your hand.


In keeping with the ever favourable sphere shape the unique style of this knob just adds a new dimension and takes on its own personality in doing so.


The rounded and slight tapered off shape of this knob allows over top shifters and also side shifters the ability to use this knob comfortably and aggressively. 


If you want to feel just like a Greek God this is the knob for you. It is a BEAST simply put.


Estimated Specifications


Height: 2.56 Inches


Width: 2.3 Inches


Weight: 850 grams


Material: 303 Stainless Steel


In a new direction for ACGG these knobs are CNC machined and are designed to accommodate reverse lockouts no wider than .950 inches. Subaru lockouts are perfect fitment. If you have a larger reverse lockout these may not fit.


Shift knobs are now shipped with a locking nut and 303 stainless steel threaded adapter. Combined makes this knob 850 grams in weight.


 I will be deigning new reverse lockouts for the Scion platform, Ford platform and Hyundai platform which will allow you the ability to use these knobs. Please contact me for more info in regards to this.


For custom colours please visit to find your colour. Then kindly add it to the comments when checking out so I can order it.