ACGG Theme Pack

ACGG Theme Pack

A Car Guys Garage

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With Christmas and the holiday season right around the corner I thought what can I offer to the person who has everything?

That's right, I am sure you don't know what to get that special someone in your life and I have you covered.

I've put together an ACGG theme pack of some of the items I sell with my logo on them.


The box contains the following

ACGG snap back hat or toque (chosen at random)

ACGG T-shirt (chosen at random)

ACGG face mask, cuz why not!??!?!

ACGG polarized sunglasses (colour chosen at random)

Scented car themed candle

Leather hand made key chain, dyed, assembled and laser engraved by me

ACGG wooden air freshener (unscented, put your favourite oil on it)

Various ACGG decals


Valued over $130 with the cost of shipping added.

Is this a deal? That's up to you to decide! However at least with this pack there is plenty to enjoy and also you are supporting a really really small business. When I say small I mean just one person, me, Zenon Matusiak. 

If you are at all interested act fast as I only have enough stock for 10 and only certain sizes in shirts.

As always I continue to thank you all for the support, orders and encouragement. It is because of individuals like yourself I am able to do what I love and share it with everyone around me.

Shipping with tracking is included of course!!!!!!