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Final clearance on these ACGG sweaters

It's getting cooler out folks so why not rock one of these bad boots?

For whoever wants one I'm going to offer them up at $30 shipped to your door Canadian.

2 medium black

1 medium grey 

3 large grey

2 large black 

1 xl grey


Comment which one you want and I'll send you a direct purchase link. 

 Want a more in-depth understanding on the pricing of these? Read on. 

To make it a little more enticing just so you all know shipping them costs me about $12-18 depending on where they are going. Plus you have the original cost of them which is definitely more than the remaining $15.

Why so cheap? Why you willing to sell them at a loss? Simple, this is an item that didn't sell. Understandably so, it is a product promoting my company with my logo.

Will I sell these again? Not sure. Holding inventory and putting up the capital to purchase a minimum order of 50 for an item that doesn't sell isn't smart business at all. Hence why my business has been failing.

I am learning from my past mistakes but at a very expensive cost. That's one thing they don't tell you about having your own business........ When shit gets bad, it can get really really discouraging and uncomfortable right quick.

But....... I am still here 💞✌️