ACGG Revolutionary Shiftknobs!

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Here we have it. I am revolutionizing the shift knob world!!!

These knobs are 100% universal fitment and are so simple to make and install a monkey can do it.....I DID!!

The physical knobs are made from a secret material mined from depths no human can go to. They are sturdier than paper and stronger than air but simple enough to mount to your car.

All items are universal as well for creating your knob. Any store carries materials and you can pick them up at your own free will to add to my basic kit I actually have for your here.

Have fun be creative and heck let your kids help you out if you like. This is a family craft you don't want to ignore or neglect from doing.


You will definitely have something that no one else has because honestly if you have read this far and haven't figured it out then you haven't gotten the joke yet.


Kits ARE REAL though if you want to buy one...I dunno....But I will actually piece one together for those who are interested.

Thanks everyone!!