ACGG Exclusive 2011+ Scion tC Window Louvres

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The time has come for ACGG to make a comeback.

It all started in the tC community so I will try again using the tC community to not only rebuild my reputation but also rebuild the business as a whole.

I have been working on the rear louvers for some time and just have not had the funds to complete them so here is how this is going to work.

If you want louvres for your car you can get in on the ground floor.

50% deposit will go towards funding the creation of a finalized working prototype over the winter.

Intentions are to have it all completed and ready to ship in April. This will allow me to fully produce , completely source and also adjust what is needed to produce these.

Anyone who gets in as a backer will get exclusive pricing. What is exclusive pricing? Well when creating in bulk, pricing is cheaper all around. So the more backers the cheaper the final product will be. My louvres in the current market should be roughly $500-550USD shipped.

Mine will come completely powdercoated and all you will need to do is assemble them. 

Depending on the amount of backers is the amount of savings that will be passed along to you. Initially I am offering $50 off.

Please understand this will not be completed till April 2024. If I complete it before hand I will ship once final payment is made. 

I will send out notices for final payment and make a link on my site to complete it.

Thank you to all and I look forward to hopefully making more than 1 of these.




Potential Pricing Breakdown

Initial cost of vents are going to be roughly $675 Canadian shipped.

Backers receive a $50 credit towards final payment when putting down 50% deposit.

Backers will also receive a further discount if there are more than 1 backer.

If a backer wants to pay in full now they receive a $125 discount immediately and same rules apply come completion. They will also receive a refund based on the amount of total backers as well.


Refunds will only be given if I do not complete the project in time or choose to stop production as a whole. Customers are covered by shopify and also paypal. Screen shot this and save it for reference if you are not comfortable. April 2024 is the suggested complettion date.