ACGG Exclusive 10MM Socket

ACGG Exclusive 10MM Socket

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Here is an ACGG first. A collectible item designed as a throw back to toys much like the hot wheels from back in the day.

As an avid collector myself, I wanted to create a series of items that other people could collect and enjoy just like I do.

The 10mm socket is something that all car enthusiasts can relate to. We have all lost 1, or 20, and we all have a story that we can tell about them.

After spending a lot of time to come up with this and involvement of many people here is my simple, yet tasteful play on a collectors series socket. 

The sockets themselves are just regular sockets that can have a simple engraving added to them of your choice, within reason. This is to make it completely your own, a complete 1 of 1 if you will! I will email you for the image file of your engraving!

Available in a black impact version or a chrome one the choice is yours!

Unfortunately shipping on this item will need to be extra, unless of course you add this to something else you are purchasing.