ACGG Apparel 2-Pack

ACGG Apparel 2-Pack

A Car Guys Garage

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Here we have two of my most recent apparel items up for grabs. 

Both items are black in color. The touque has a ACGG emblem tag on it and the shirt boasts an artist sketch of my tC along with a shift knob caricature.

This package deal comes with free shipping. Yes, for this package I will cover the shipping cost. While I will break even on this deal I want more and more people wearing and supporting my brand and company that I am so happy to own and share with everyone. 

All proceeds from the sales of these go directly back into getting other apparel so people can continue to rep my company with newer and more unique stuff! 

Your support is very much appreciated and thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey🤙