8 Bit Style Display Screens

8 Bit Style Display Screens

A Car Guys Garage

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At ACGG, custom is one of the biggest selling points I strive for when it comes to my products. Having something that YOU the customer can add your own personal touch to is extremely important to me.

Now I must admit this display was not my idea, I did see it elsewhere, however customizing it and adding or taking away images were not an option with the other company. After working hours on end and teaching myself programming I have finally found a way of creating my very own version of these displays.

With all that said, in an attempt to keep ACGG up and running I am looking towards my customers for a little help.

In order to bring this idea to market I need some backers, I need some interest and well obviously some guaranteed orders. My units are going to be different in many ways to the competition. With that being said I need some funding and time to create these unique pieces.


My offer to any backers who purchase:

1) First and foremost you get a huge Thank you from me!

2) With your purchase you will receive 1 prototype unit once I have a viable, functioning unit. This unit you will install and give me your own feedback that I will potentially use to create a Final version.

3) After months of testing and feedback you will receive a Final Version unit as well. Essentially you get 2 units.

4) Any custom options I have for these units will be available to you on your Final Version at no charge. This will be part of the process. What those options are right now I cannot get into but there will be options, I can assure you of that.

5) You will receive a 25% discount code for use on anything on my site upon competition of this unit.

6) You get to support a local business and directly be part of the creation of something unique and awesome.

Estimated time for prototype delivery is 2-3 months. Roughly the same amount of time will be allotted for testing as well as creating the finalized units. While this is a long process this is honestly what goes into creating new products.

If you want to be part of this unique opportunity go ahead and place your order today!

***If by some strange act of God these don't come to fruition after the prototype phase you will receive 50% of your contribution back. The other 50% of the funds will cover the cost of creating the initial prototype.