16" Led Side Skirt Fins

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Here you have it!

An ACGG exclusive product.

LED side skirt fins to brighten up your ride and set you apart from everyone else.

These fins are individually assembled by hand with the upmost care and respect. 

waterproof LED RGB strip (Diode Dynamics) is placed inside a high strength piece of poly carbonate. 

Why poly carbonate because it is the strongest material that can withstand  abuse.

Fully sealed with marine sealant around and inside these are made as waterproof as possible. The poly carbonate is also coated with a UV resistant spray to help with longevity.

Hooking these up will require you to do some custom DIY but in the end it will be worth it. You should purchase (I offer them) some cable extenders. 

I drilled a hole in my rear floor boards and ran the wires through there and then I ran them to the front of the car where I placed the RF controller. I hid all the wiring underneath the carpet for a seamless install.

Please understand that while these are wired, running all necessary wiring and such is your responsibility.

If you have any questions please reach out before order! I am here to answer your questions.


Product dimensions

Fin Length = 16 inches

Fin Height = 3.1 inches

Mounting plate = 4 inches in length and 16 inches in width


Fins come standard with

2 - RGB LED Strips

1 - 24-Key RF Controller

2 - Assembled fins

All other items can be chosen in the drop down menus


Special Notes

* Shipping and taxes are included in the price

** Professional installation is suggested

*** Intended for off road use only

**** Direct UV lighting can cause poly carbonate to yellow after 7 years. Proper care i.e. coating with a UV wax or ceramic coat is suggested every 3-6 months

***** Fins should not be run in winter, however this is your choice.